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@  Naze : (14 October 2019 - 12:33 AM)

I thought it was Pre-re

@  GM Yurika : (10 October 2019 - 04:16 PM)

It's the first version. Soon everything will be fixed.

@  Clowess : (10 October 2019 - 03:20 PM)

Jam Hero: Expert mode its imposible (no prize even for try? T_T), and normal its hard... wont achieve 100% perfect cuz porings arrive same time cant "cast potion" at same time. Timing of song is not.. there is no timing at all... diferent velocities...

@  GM Yurika : (09 October 2019 - 12:12 PM)

Going to fix those issues. thanks for the report.

@  Lawrencex01 : (08 October 2019 - 02:18 AM)

Missing fahrros.bmp when trying the quest and cloudstrife map on one of the guardian force maps

@  vmh_18 : (06 October 2019 - 08:08 AM)

can someone help me in regards to the patcher, shows "Error Invalid GPF"


Line: 1456
File: .\grf.c
Function: grf_callback_open

@  GM Yurika : (03 October 2019 - 02:47 PM)

please pm the ss to me. thanks

@  praveencragy : (01 October 2019 - 09:49 PM)

Can someone help me am getting Gepard Shield error, Cannot run in Virtual machine

@  Clowess : (29 September 2019 - 11:05 AM)

pink_flower.rsm, blue_flower.rsm, e_island.bmp errors

@  Clowess : (29 September 2019 - 10:05 AM)

almost 2 hours wasted of my life trying to win the prize of the f... chicken... ¬¬ just for 1 guy whit king's dontknowwhat ¬¬ kill it ¬¬

@  GM Yurika : (27 September 2019 - 07:45 AM)

Mainte time

@  JuliaBarreto : (26 September 2019 - 09:38 PM)

down po ba server?

@  GM Yurika : (26 September 2019 - 08:06 AM)

Please ss. I need the missing file info.

@  Lawrencex01 : (26 September 2019 - 05:13 AM)

I get a resource error when I try to battle goddess valkyrie is there a fix or download? I lost some vaz over this

@  GM Yurika : (24 September 2019 - 07:57 AM)


@  rjayzee4 : (24 September 2019 - 07:05 AM)

am i IP banned? i cant connect since last night

@  rjayzee4 : (23 September 2019 - 06:34 PM)

cant connect to server?

@  JuliaBarreto : (23 September 2019 - 05:35 PM)

lagi po ako DC :( may problem po ba?

@  GM Yurika : (23 September 2019 - 06:29 AM)

which error sir. PM me. send screenshot.

@  adithiyaa1@g... : (22 September 2019 - 10:01 PM)

please help me with that .


[Major Changelog] 09/27/2017 Maintenance changes

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GM Yurika

GM Yurika


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User's Awards

[NEW ]
  • Miku (Quest Area) - Costume: Lordly War Helm Upgrade (Level 1 to Ultimate).
  • New Super Saiyan Aura sprite (much better).
  • Ozma - Add a drop of Ozma's Spirit by 0.20% chance.
  • Monster Defense - Add a ranking and monthly reward for top 1 (will start in October).
  • Monster Invasion - Invasion Aura (30 Days): Add a random enchant.
  • Upgraded Items: Player of the Month Aura, Guild of The Month Aura, Saw Mask, Modern Tobi Mask, Vendetta Mask, Costume: Lordly War Helm, All Level of Lordly Armor.



Super Novices now gain +2000 HP at both level 99 and level 150 and the bonus stays even on level 100-149 and 151+
Correct Aqua Benedicta interaction with Watery Evasion to match official behavior.
Fixed an issue with Chorus skill range
* Resolves some Chorus skills not activating properly.
Fixed Tiger Cannon and Sky Net Blow splash damage
* Tiger Cannon and Sky Net Blow will now properly give Combo State bonus damage to splash targets.
* Corrected Flash Combo not delaying attacks, acting, and item usage for the entire cast time.
Corrected Tension Relax HP regeneration while overweight
* When Tension Relax ends so should the HP regeneration bonus.
Marionette Control, Mechanic Back/Front Slide
- Marionette Control now has a range of 7
- Mechanic Back/Front Slide skills are no longer blocked by gear that makes you knock-back immune
Updated 16th Night effect
* No longer drains 1 SP every second.
- Description states it does but tests show it does not.
Corrected Graffiti removing all units
* Graffiti will no longer remove all units of the Rogue class.
* Graffiti will now fail to cast again if a Graffiti already exists on the map.
* Graffiti should only be removed on map changes, but Remover/Cleaner still removes it (custom) since the skill was never officially implemented.
Corrected weapon attack versus infinite defense
* Resolves Exceed Break, Spell Fist, and Giant Growth doing extra damage to infinite defense targets.
Updated Defender and Neutral Barrier reductions
* Defender no longer reduces Throw Zeny and Rapid Throw damage.
* Acid Demonstration now misses on targets in Neutral Barrier.
Corrected Dispell, Clearance and Banishing Buster usage on hidden targets
* When the target hides after having one of these skills casted upon them, the skill will no longer fail.
Added a map cell check for Shadow Leap
* Resolves players being able to enter non-walkable parts of maps.
Correct hit amount of KO_HUUMARANKA
Made Rhydo rune undispellable.
Official Enchant Blade damage
- Implemented the fully official damage calculation for this skill, it's now 100% accurate
Corrected Knuckle Arrow's effect
* Caster will now move beside the target, not on top of the target.
* Boss monsters and knockback immune players (through items or Basilica) are not pushed and don't receive the bonus damage.
Corrected Warmer's effect
* Moved the healing effect to status change timer.
* Warmer's effect will now last the entire life of the unit.
* Warmer's effect will now be removed when a player leaves the unit.
* Corrected Cloud Kill unit flag not being applied.
Phantasmic Arrow should use equipped weapon's element instead of forced neutral.
Soul Breaker's magic portion should not be affected by element.
Fix Rebirth Spirit (SL_HIGH) not increasing stat on recast
Fixed full throttle status icon
It now displays the time correctly.
ECL_SQUOIA now removes Decrease AGI.
Corrected Swing Dance ASPD bonus.
* Wrong status change value was being applied.
Corrected Cloud Kill effect
* Properly implemented the Cloud Kill status icon.
* Poison duration is not reduced and lasts if the target leaves the AoE.
- Walking into the AoE a second time resets the Poison status.
Corrected Shield Press damage delay 
* Damage should have a ~1 second delay as the shield animation falls.
Fixed Leech End damage underflow 
* Resolves an underflow issue resulting in INT_MAX damage.
Updated Golden Thief Bug card immunity
* White Imprison and Hell's Plant are now blocked by Golden Thief Bug card.
* Removed an extra status end of White Imprison in Status Recovery
Corrected Earth Shaker wall checks
* Earth Shaker is no longer able to hit targets behind walls.
Updated Camouflage behavior
* Camouflage now ends when attacking plant type monsters.
* Camouflage bonus is applied to the first skill after activating Camouflage.
* Corrected movement speed bonus checks.
* Removed INF3_NOENDCAMOUFLAGE enum as it is no longer needed.
Voice of Siren duration
- The minimum duration of Voice of Siren is now 10 seconds
GX Poison Duration
- The duration of GX poisons is now reduced by (VIT+LUK)/2 seconds
- The duration of Oblivion Curse is no longer reduced by INT
Corrected Clearance and Phantom Thrust behavior
* Now only usable on monsters and party members.
* Corrected skill error message to the official.
Corrected Eleanor's Eternal Quick Combo behavior
* Adjusted skill type to misc.
* Added missing damage calculation.
* Corrected the Equipment ATK reduction.
* Moved the Stun addition and Tinder Breaker removal to skill_additional_effect.
Updated Ranger Traps behavior
* Magenta, Cobalt, Maize, and Verdure Traps should permanently change the element of the target.
Fixed Falcon Assault element
* Element should always be neutral.
Lex Divina on allies
- Lex Divina can now be cast on a silenced ally
- When casting Lex Divina on an ally that is not silenced, it will no longer display the skill animation
SG counter and other status variables
- Fixed extra status variables not being cleared correctly when the killed unit did not have any status change
(e.g. SG counter will now be set back to 0 when a monster dies)
Added an extra ammo requirement for specific skills
* Severe Rainstorm, Round Trip, and Fire Rain now require +1 to their ammo requirement in order to successfully cast the skill.
* These skills will still consume their normal ammo amount.
Minor define cleanups
* Removed some variable defines that redefined.
Corrected Voice of Siren's behavior
* Resolves traps not being avoided when the Maestro/Wanderer has enticed the trapper.
Corrected Crazy Vines behavior
* Crazy Vines will now properly remove all ground type skills.
* Removed UF_REM_CRAZYWEED enum.
Corrected autospell bonuses
* Resolves the range check when the config is enabled not checking the proper distance between the two targets.
Removed Frigg's Song from Group A Songs
* Song can now overlap with Group A and B Songs.
Corrected Spiritual Sphere Absorption and Cursed Circle interaction
* Spiritual Sphere Absorption will fail to go through if the caster is captured in Cursed Circle.
Frost Nova AoE
- Increased Frost Nova AoE from 5x5 to 7x7
- Frost Nova no longer hits enemies that are in the same cell as the caster.
Corrected Lux Anima behavior
* Only transfers the most recent rune buff to the party.
* The source loses the rune buff that is passed to the party.
Corrected Spore Explosion on GCC builds
* Resolves Spore Explosion not inflicting damage on targets for some GCC builds.
Skills that increase elemental damage
* Negative values in the attr_fix table will now longer be ignored
* Skills that increase elemental damage increase damage percentually
(e.g. if damage is 25 and a skill increases elemental damage by 20%, it becomes 30)
Fiber Lock / Spider Web (fixes #1782)
* Fiber Lock's duration now depends on the map and how many fiber locks have been stacked
-- PVM: 1st - 8s, 2nd - 16s (default - 8s)
-- PVP: 1st - 4s, 2nd - 8s, 3rd - 12s (default - 4s)
* Fiber Lock now always doubles fire damage
* When a unit affected by Fiber Lock takes fire damage, the Fiber Lock that lasts shortest is now removed
* A unit can now only move when all Fiber Locks on it were removed or have expired
* When a unit with multiple Fiber Locks on it dies, not all Fiber Locks are removed
* A unit can no longer be affected by more than 3 Fiber Locks at the same time
Corrected behavior for magic rod showing its animation
Gospel, Curse, Poison, Hallucination, Hell Power, NPC skills
* Official Gospel chances, effects and duration
-- Chance of Gospel to trigger increased from 10%*skill_lv to 50%+5%*skill_lv
-- Gospel's Heal effect now heals 1000-9999 HP instead of 1-9999 HP
-- Blessing and Increase Agi effects now last for 4 minutes instead of 60 seconds
-- Increase Defense now only lasts 10 seconds instead of 60 seconds
-- Gospel's damage is now twice likely to trigger with one of two different effects
-- Fixed Gospel's damage not showing the Holy Cross effect
-- Gospel's first damage effect deals 3000-7999 damage which is reduced by DEF
-- Gospel's second damage effect deals 1500-5499 damage which cannot be reduced by DEF
-- Curse, Blind and Poison effect now last 30 minutes instead of 60 seconds
-- Provoke lasts infinite, but is removed when changing maps or logging out
-- Fixed Provoke's icon from disappearing whenever a status changes
-- DEF, ATK, Flee and Speed super debuffs now only last 20 seconds instead of 60 seconds
* Official status change base duration for curse
-- Curse base duration is 30 seconds
-- Napalm Vulcan, NPC_HELLJUDGEMENT, NPC_WIDECURSE use this duration
-- NPC_CURSEATTACK has a fixed 30 seconds duration
* Official status change base duration for poison
-- Poison base duration is 60 seconds
-- Duration is no longer halved for monsters
-- Envenom, Venom Dust, Venom Splasher, NPC_POISON, NPC_ACIDBREATH use this duration
* NPC_STOP now has a duration of 15 seconds instead of 10 seconds
* NPC_HELLPOWER and NPC_WIDEHELLDIGNITY now have a duration of 180 seconds instead of 300 seconds
* All NPC status skills now have a 20%*skill_lv chance to trigger instead of 50%+10%*skill_lv
-- NPC_HALLUCINATION and NPC_HELLPOWER now only affect you to 20% instead of 100%/60%
* Damage shown by Hallucination is now completely random instead of being multiplied by 6
* The animation is now shown when trying to resurrect someone affected by Hell Power
Fixes Feint Bomb
* Resolves Feint Bomb's backslide effect not working when the player is wearing an item that has the bonus NoKnockBack active.
Official song and dance formulas
* Fixed musical lessons not having any effect on Song of Lutie's MaxHP bonus (lesson/2)
* Song of Lutie now heals 1 HP more every 2 vit instead of 5 HP more every 10 vit
* Perfect Tablature's perfect dodge bonus is now (skill_lv+1)/2 + luk/30 + lesson/5
* Focus Ballet's hit bonus is now 1 + 2*skill_lv + dex/10 + lesson
* Slow Grace's ASPD decrease is now 5 + 3*skill_lv + dex/10 + lesson
* Slow Grace's speed decrease is now 5 + 3*skill_lv + agi/10 + lesson
* Impressive Riff's ASPD increase is now 5 + skill_lv + agi/20 + lesson/2
* Lady Luck's critical bonus is now 10 + skill_lv + luk/10 + 0.5*lesson (not rounded down)
Fixed Neutral Barrier
* Not checking the target, instead of source, if attacks should hit.
Fixed aftercast animation of Coluceo Heal
Backslide against walls
* Backslide animation is not shown when the player is against a wall.
* SP is still consumed as normal.
Removed Freezing and Crystalize from OPT1
* Freezing and Crystalize are no longer considered Body Status Changes (OPT1).
* They are now stackable with other non-OPT1 statuses.
* Crystalize now works on monsters.
* Crystalize no longer has a Wind element damage bonus.
* Targets under Crystalize and Deep Sleep no can no longer consume items.
* Targets under Stun and White Imprison can no longer be affected by OPT1 statuses.
* Freezing no longer removes Burning.
Taekwon Kick Damage, Sprint, Flying Kick
* Taekwon Kicks no longer get a percentual damage increase from learning Sprint
* Counter Kick, Heel Drop, Storm Kick and Counter Kick now get a +10 ATK bonus per level of Sprint
-- This bonus is on top of the normal +10 ATK bonus from Sprint for fists
* Using Flying Kick as a counter will now deal 4%*baselevel damage
* Using Flying Kick while running will now deal 4%*baselevel damage regardless of skill level used
-- When having the spurt buff on top, it will deal 8%*baselevel damage instead
* Tumbling is now properly removed on logout
* Fixed a problem that sometimes caused Tumbling to become unusable
Updated Homunculus S skill failure messages
* Added missing skill failure messages for Homunculus S.
* Eternal Quick Combo can no longer be used on Status Immune monsters.
* Disabled the Style Change message for Eleanor.
Homunculi configuration adjustments
* Homunculi will no longer autoloot items by default.
* Homunculi will not Vaporize if their HP is below 80% when the master dies.
* The battle configuration homunculus_auto_vapor is now a percentage value to allow for further customization.
Fixes Tetra Vortex Fire animation
* Added a damage animation motion for Tetra Vortex Fire.
* Resolves the black animation being displayed.
Updated Rune Knight Runestone effects
* Turisus Runestone - Reduce amplified bonus damage when dealing normal attacks from 300% to 200%. Add an additional increase ATK-based physical damage by 250% instead on normal maps and 125% on VS maps. Rhydo Runestone won't benefit from this bonus.
* Asir Runestone - Adds a static +70 ATK. Party members now receive 1/2 of the bonus instead of 1/4.
* Pertz Runestone - Changed factor in formula from INT to STR.
* Removed the limit of Turisus Runestone, Asir Runestone and Pertz Runestone that can be held while increasing the limit of the other runestones from 20 to 60.
Corrected Hell Inferno behavior
* Hell Inferno's shadow attack will now properly do elemental damage.
* Burning should only start when the fire attack successfully lands.
* Gave a slight delay to the shadow attack to mimic officials.
Cleaned up Hells Plant damage formula
Corrected Fatal Menace behavior
* Resolves an issue with targets in the Fatal Menace area not getting teleported with the player.
Corrected Elemental flee calculation
* Added missing caster's flee into the formula.

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